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Rental Terms and conditions

Terms will be mutually binding, when the client has confirmed the reservation by paying at least the advance payment.

The client is sent a reservation confirmation with the resorts name, the owners name and address, driving information to the Honkanen estate and account information for payment of the rent. This information is primarily sent by e-mail.

The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the advancement, 25-30 % of the full rent, by the due date.

The final payment is made 4 weeks before the beginning of the vacation or according to the agreement. If the reservation is made later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the vacation, no advancement is collected.

If the advancement or the final payment is not paid due to date, Honkalomat has the right to cancel the reservation.

Cancelling the reservation has to be made in writing (e-mail, letter). The cancellation comes to power by the time the information arrives to Honkalomat. If the client is capable of showing that the cancellation has been made and sent to the right address at the right time, the cancellation is accepted even if it never arrived to Honkalomat.

Upon cancelling a reservation the advancement is reserved by Honkalomat. If the reservation is cancelled later than 21 days(24h/day) before the vacation, the whole rent is reserved. If the resort gets marketed to another client at the same time for the full price, only the advancement is reserved.

With no effect from afore mentioned, the client is entitled to get back the sum they paid without the advancement, if the client or someone from the same household gets sick, gets into an accident or dies. The client has to inform about the cancellation as soon as possible and trough credible means, like a medical certificate. If the cancellation is made during the vacation, no money is returned.

In case of a force majeure, Honkalomat can cancel a reservation. In this case the client is entitled to get the sum they payed returned.

The keys of the resort will be given to the client at the clients beforehand declared estimated time of arrival. The time of arrival can be declared by telephone or other suitable means. For vacations on weekdays the resort is available from 16:00 on arrival day to 12:00 on day of departure. For weekend reservations the resort is available from 16:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Sunday or according to the agreement. Both weekday and weekend reservations include free use of the resort, sauna and rowing boat.

The rent of the resort includes furniture, cooking and dining equipment, fuel (wood and electricity) for heating, cooking and lighting. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the price. The client brings their own bed linen and towels. Cleaning of the resort during and after the vacation is done by the client. One can also buy cleaning services from the owners. If the resort has not been cleaned after the vacation and the owner has to clean it before the next client, the owner is entitled to charge at least 80 euros for the cleaning. The resort cannot be accommodated by more people than agreed. Using a tent or a trailer on the resorts property without the owners’ permission is forbidden.

The client is obliged to notify and compensate directly to the owner of any damages done to the resort or any of its property.

Any remarks or complaints regarding the resort need to be shown straight away during the vacation to the owner.