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  • Villa Honkalahti

    Villa Honkalahti

    • 95m2Sq. area
    • 3bdr
    • 6 + 2guests
    from 850€ / week
  • Villa Honkahovi

    Villa Honkahovi

    • 82m2Sq. area
    • 2bdr
    • 4 + 2guests
    from 690€ / week
  • Villa Honkaranta

    Villa Honkaranta

    • 85m2Sq. area
    • 1bdr
    • 4 + 4guests
    from 690€ / week
  • Villa Kesähonka

    Summer cottage Kesähonka

    • 42,5m2Sq. area
    • 1bdr
    • 2 + 3guests
    from 480€ / week

Relaxing Finnish cottage holiday on a lake

Cozy Honkalomat cottages are situated on lake Juolasvesi in Mäntyharju. Beautiful vista, proximity to nature and the lake provide an excellent holiday setting for you, your family and your pets. Each cottage has plenty of privacy and is surrounded by forest, offering great opportunities for mushroom and berry picking. Each cottage has its own rowing boat for fishing and relaxing boat rides, and you can challenge your family and friends in a round of darts. For children, we have swings and sandboxes with toys, should the beach not have enough space for building sandcastles.
We have been renting our cottages since 2000 and are now in our second generation. In addition to tourism, we grow delicious organic strawberries.
Welcome to nature! We have service in English and Finnish.
Honkalomat Holiday Cottages in Mäntyharju, Finland

Our holiday cottages just for you!

The Honkalomat high-class villas are built with maximum comfort for our guests. A great view, your own peace and nature create wonderful surroundings for vacations and recreation.
  • Honkalahti
  • Honkahovi
  • Honkaranta
  • Kesähonka


A modern, five star choice for someone who values upscale vacation living.
  • 95m²
  • 6+2 guests
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Villa Honkalahti


A modern villa that is an excellent choice for someone who values upscale vacation living.
  • 82m²
  • 4+2 guests
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Villa Honkahovi


Modern villa on a magnificent peaceful beach, with a great view of the evening sun.
  • 85m²
  • 4+4 guests
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Villa Honkaranta


An atmospheric cottage for summer use.
  • 42,5m²
  • 2+3 guests
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Villa Kesähonka

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